This is me, oh dear

Hello, Hola Bonjour and well Hey nice to meet you flat white screen.

This is not a depressing blog this is I hope a helpful one.

I am approaching my 52 birthday rapidly, it’s chasing me like a mad bull across a grassy field. But the bull hasn’t realised I have stopped running and am patiently waiting because ‘age is but a number’. I can’t stop time so no point trying. So I shall happily wait and confuse that poor old bull and enjoy my self.

Anyway whoever heard of a rather plump wheelchair user propelling herself forward to avoid a charging bull especially on grass. Not a chance in, well let’s leave it at not a chance.

I describe myself as a

Mum of many…VICTOR of domestic abuse….. now reliant on a chariot with wheels because of said abuse ….he may have won a few battles but I won the WAR… I survived to rise and continue to be a mum to my children…I am plump that is a rather funny word, I tried being politically correct, but have to say it how it is I am large, of ample build, yes I wobble when I laugh, yes, yes like a bowl full of jelly.

Truthfully I am ‘the one and only’ disabled diva with the imagination that could live with the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts, I see beauty in everyone and spreading smiles across the miles is all I want to do. I am not a perfect 10(maybe double that) I cant ‘Walk on Sunshine’ anymore so I shall Wheel on Rainbows

This is my life past, take what you need and it might help you not become me, Either to raise you up when life takes you down or to help you see there is always light.

This is my life present come laugh and smile and let’s try new things cause today is our day. Yesterday is past, tomorrow is but a promise, but today, TODAY is here and now

Don’t forget life teaches us lessons for us to learn by.

See you soon


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