Ideas flood a mind in a body broke

Too many ideas flood my mind.

I’m guessing it’s cause I’m sat on my behind

Words to be written 1000’s to pour out

|Then there’s the painting, drawing, charcoals, so many I shout.

Craftwork crochet? no knitting, no sewing I think!!

Oh, and scenes to make of miniature worlds fantasy to shrink.

Reading books stacked high, courses to start.

A language to learn, no I’m not smart.

All this time I struggle, my body it aches.

Stops me from moving, oh and keeps me awake.

My body is damaged, it doesn’t matter how.

Dwelling on the past won’t help now.

So, a bucket list firstly of what I want to achieve

A timetable, flexible so all projects have a chance to take seed.

The budget, beastly word but time to get tough.

I guess my finances need sorting, they do look a bit rough.

A calendar or diary for appointments and such

Well, I might get invited to lunch, you never know my luck.

What else can I work on in my aim to improve,

Oh no! Oh well, weight and how do I lose

I’m going to share my opinions on anything I like.

Customer service to memories of my Yamaha Bike.

The lyrics of a current favourite song or a film review


Kim Louise 2016

Words from a domestic abuse victim, no not victim, Victor. Life suppressed for many years till now free but the body is broken and the mind free, no escaping so I thought, but there is always a way and this is my way.


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