Broken and Alone

So staring at this blank screen is like staring at my life,

The past once so full and rich has gone, cut off with a knife.

A Metaphor you’re thinking for something I have lost,

No, my dear, I can answer, a knife, a boot, but a fist the most.

I am now Invisible a remnant of myself,

left broken and alone gathering dust upon a shelf.

Domestic Violence is a crime and should be punished I agree

But with PTSD and left disabled, alone in another town why should it be me?

Bitterness has turned to please Karma where have you gone

Have you abandoned me also? I have been alone for so long.

Or do I not exist, from the time he walked out the door?

I want to be seen, my story told, no longer Invisible, it’s time to be bold.

Take a stand, well a wheelchair for me, Abuse and Violence needs to stop NOW

I am but one voice who lost so much, my children and I were moved safely somehow.

We are lucky, some are not, I may be upset and complaining but that’s cause I’m alive.

Domestic Violence can end in death, families destroyed, think of those that don’t survive.

Kim Louise 2017

via Daily Prompt: Invisible

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